Monday, April 20, 2009

Steve Perry

When I signed on today, I thought about writing something so profoundly awe inspiring that it would change the world. And then I saw this picture. Awe inspiring writing. This picture. It was an easy choice.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures that are Awesome!

Following the shenanigans of my ultra-political last 'Awesome!' posting, I'd like to lighten it up. I promise, you will barely have to think at all.

According to this motivational poster, it's 'comforting' knowing you'll never be this awesome. I disagree. This poster reminds me of the first time I heard a face melting solo by Yngwie J. Malmsteen. I was simultaneously blown away by level of Awesome coming out of the speakers, and depressed that I could never attain it. It was life changing for me. There was pre-Yngwie and post-Yngwie in my world.
So, was it a very emotional poster? In a word, yes. Was it comforting? If you define 'comforting' as wanting to step out in traffic to avoid the pain of living so far below this level of Awesome!, then yes it was comforting.

Some people say they live their life without regret. I have a word for those people: Liars. I regret lots of things in my life. I'm pretty sure my 5th time through rehab was a waste of time and money. The fact that I left the hospital and went straight to the liquor store reaffirms this to me. One of the things I don't regret, however, was taking this picture of my wife. There we were on a cruise: I had just waken up and peeked out onto the balcony to see the weather. There was Katie making out with a breakfast roll. I had to pause for a second to remember why we got married. And I thought 'Why did we get married, unless it was to spend life together trying to irritate and embarrass each other?'. And then I went and got my camera. With a little photo shopping, BAM! Now she's saying stuff AND making out with a breakfast roll. Embarrassing your spouse with awkwardly timed photos is Awesome! Here's another example:

(In a side note, I will say that sleeping on the couch tonight will be entirely worth posting this!!!)